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Nothing is thrown away of good contents

Riproporre vecchi contenuti in una nuovoa veste

Nothing is thrown away of good contents

“Content is the king” how many times have we heard this sentence since Bill Gates pronounced it in 1996 (yes, you got it right, 21 years ago)! Companies have realized that quality contents underlie online visibility (but not without an efficient diffusion strategy, however) and are also the core of offline communication.

Creating good contents is an investment to which maximum profitability must be ensured.

Who said that a good content can be used only once?

We are absorbed in a flow of information that runs over us like a river in flood, where a tweet goes through the timeline and disappears in a few minutes, in which the cruel FB algorithms minimize the reach of company posts, hiding our sweaty to many followers. In short, a tide of “contents” – quality and not – elbowings to attract our attention and “one in a thousand” get it. Propose again a content already published, therefore, does not make us lazy and evil, indeed, it is an brilliant opportunity to recover lost contacts and inspire new interest.

There are many ways to refresh an already published content: first of all, it is necessary to change its shape, because different shapes inspire multiple audiences.

A good article published on your company blog could be reshared on socials many times, changing the time of publication, the linked image and focusing the abstract on different concepts, expressed in the same article. It could be linked to a newsletter or transformed into an infographic or in a slide share; the concepts remain, the graphic form is transformed. If it was a good content, it will continue to be as attractive as new. Have you considered the idea of ​​creating a quiz or a survey to which your post offers the answers? Or, how about turning your content into a webinar? And the videos? That they are valuable online and offline material is well known. (read this post on Facebook videos)

So why do not remix them, split them into shorter videos or create trueserial” to share at will? The rule remains valid for offline use too: videos created for a specific purpose, edited differently and with the aid of graphics, can become into perfect contents for other uses. Here is an example: our client Incas takes part in a trade fair and needs an institutional video to be played on his stand giving an overview of the company’s activity and numbers. Bia, without turning any new frame, has created a completely new video mixing in a new look fragments of footage used in other explanatory videos. With the editing and the graphics it was possible to make accessible and institutional a very technical video material, which was originally created to document installations and lines developped.

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