L'arte di Sinfo One - BIA network Agenzia di Comunicazione - Parma
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L’arte di Sinfo One


Sinfo One SpA


Information technology


- Advertising
- Media planning
- Media strategy

About This Project

A special IT partners, this is Sinfo One.

Experience, technology and look to the future are the elements that have always characterized the company leader in Italy and well valued in Europe and United States. Not only that, thanks to its ability to understand the needs of its customers SinfoOne creates for them the best tools to develop their own products. From here it comes to life the campaign 2016 “Inspyred by Sinfo One”: the customers are now free to dedicate themselves to the product “inspired” by Sinfo One.

Here are born the most different artworks ranging from pop art to abstraction, expressionism to transavanguardia. A creative and full of appeal campaign, intended to underline the special relationship that only Sinfo One establish with their customers.