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Brush up on LOGO?

Logo Mister Baby

Brush up on LOGO?

The delicate matter of restyling.

Like an house, a car or hair color, also a logo needs maintenance. In the graphic designers slang it is called “restyling” and is the fine art of acting on a logo brand without compromising the recognisability – value built during the time and with main investments – but giving a modern, contemporary and effective appeal on new media.

Even well-known logos, such as Pepsi Cola, Barilla, Fiat, over time have changed often, without loosing identity in the public eyes.

When it is time to undertake a restyling on your logo?

  • When it starts to get a bit of years behind him. For example, Certain affective resistances like “it has been drawn by grandfather when he founded the company” are just a good premise to think along with a professional. Even the graphic propension, in fact, passes through real trends and, although the not specialized perhaps would not know how to argue a conversation about the trend font, flat design, the neo psychedelic tendencies or Pantone color of the year, we are all  able to recognize an “old” logo at first glance.
  • In case of a “new management”. When, for example, a change in the ownership of the company or in the features of the product / service occurs, and you want to convey this newness even in the logo.
  • When it is no longer functional to new media on which it appears. A logo created to be visible on a label might prove ineffective in an online or animated use.

In the case of Mister Babyfor which BIA has supervised the renovation – it meant to rework the identity of an historic Italian brand, from the ’60s on the early childhood market and acquired in 2014 by Guaber group.

The new property,  the projects on distribution’s development and the redefinition of the product portfolio motivated as first step a new logo.

The intervention has been characterized by: focus on readability even in small sizes, looking for softness, with rounded features and cocoon, closed lines and protective as a mother’s embrace.

It was kept the color tape, without intervening on the choice of colors, strong sign of recognition with the past to limit the logo giving it a sense of protective embrace, and at the same time of completion and graphic definition.

In the restyling it has however intervened on the node, giving a more natural movement of the tape in the transition from one color to another, explicitly and evoking in a bowtie, counterpoint to “mister” of the naming, of which ironically underlines the elegance, in the role that it was the bowler in the past. Movement and dynamics of the lettering have been obtained by the choose of the font, with the game of proportions between the elements, without compromising the order and overall cleanliness.



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