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An App: sometimes it’s a must.

Your web communication consultants are never happy. They started years ago by asking you to give up to Flash animation intro on the website – because Flash was not supported by Apple devices, and penalized by SEO – then they said that the website had to be responsive to fit the display on all devices, and now, not satisfied, they insist that you must also develop an APP.

But why?

Today, most of the web browsing comes from mobile. Google and Audiweb merely repeat it: researches and network access from mobile phones have far exceeded those from your home or office computer.

The 61% of internet dialy access are on mobile and users navigate average 1:48 hours a day from Mobile *. Today it is a must have a responsive site, with contents that are suitable for viewing on small screens such as those of the phone and tablet. If the site is not responsive, not only you loose more than 60% of the traffic, but Google itself slights you in the searches.

Yet “responsive” is not enough.

The 85% of users say they prefer APP navigation when using mobile devices.

Don’t you think it is appropriate to make them  easier and easier the navigation “in the hand palm “?

The use of a native APP improves the user’s browsing experience:

  • The site is easier to open. Just one-click, no need to launch the browser.
  • The possibilities of access will multiply. The smartphone is always in your pocket.
  • The APP reaches the user actively (with push notifications) while the site waiting to be visited.
  • For social content, the APP can insulate our posts or tweets from those of others, thus making them more visible.

APP makes it easier interaction, retention and engagementIt can facilitate the sharing of content on social user profiles, it can stimulate viral spread with an incentive program, it may facilitate the acquisition of user-generated content by interacting with smartphone devices, such as camera and GPS, making it possible to share of geolocated images with one click, create galleries of photos taken by users, that other users can vote or share.

Exactly, it’s time to think about it!

Our customer Incas, for example, has already done it with Bia. Learn more in the Incas.

* Audiweb February 2016

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più sull’APP di Incas.

* Audiweb febbraio 2016

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